About the Instructors at
NorthWest Florida Training Academy

Jeff  loves to shoot, be it handguns, rifles, shotguns, or
black powder firearms.  He started shooting at 8 years
old, shooting a 22 caliber rifle and moved up to shoot
many types of firearms with the US Navy and on his
own.  He has a passion to teach and has taught SCUBA,
martial arts, CPR, High School math and science, served
as a Naval Flight Instructor and is active in teaching
firearms safety and marksmanship.  Jeff has been
teaching shooting since 1977, when he was at the US
Naval Academy, and has been an NRA Certified
Instructor since 1987.   He has shot competitively in
Cowboy Action Shooting Sports (SASS) and International
Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA).
Safety has always been a main concern for Jeff that the
Navy helped instill during his years as a helicopter pilot.  
Putting safety, shooting, and teaching together is what
lead to him become a NRA Certified Instructor.  He
recently completed the NRA Training Counselor
workshop and is a newly  appointed  NRA Training

He is certified to teach:
Personal Protection Inside the Home
Personal Protection Outside the Home
Refuse to be a Victim Workshops
He is also a Chief Range Safety Officer

Jeff is a Life Endowment member of the NRA and
supports the NRA’s efforts to protect our rights to own
firearms and to hunt.
Jeff served a full and rewarding career in the US Navy
specializing in Naval Aviation as a Naval Aviator.  He is
still working with the Navy, assisting in the training of
Sailors and Marines in Aviation Maintenance training.

Jeff Clites