Our Concealed Carry Classes
Our Concealed Carry Classes are VERY different from what
most of the local Instructors conduct.
We teach
NRA Sanctioned Classes, as well as classes
were  we teach the latest shooting systems, based on your
individual needs and skill level.
Basic Pistol  Class is a full 8 hour course, as well as
Personal Protection in the Home, which is a great course
for all home owners, whether they are single or married.
Starting with the classroom,  where we cover material in the
NRA Course books, and cover a great deal of material
making sure that our students are well based in the areas of
Safe gun handling, various types of guns, proper care and
cleaning of firearms, including what ever you bring to the
class, as well as any handguns that are fired on the range
during the class. We make every effort to assure that our
candidates understand how the firearm works as well as be
proficient using the gun. We also cover ammunition, and
which types of ammo you should use for different situations
as well as what not to use and why. We cover the  
advantages and disadvantages of various types of
ammunition. IN our Personal Protection in the Home Class
we also cover the aspects of having to use a firearm to
protect yourself in case of a home invasion. How to make a
plan for your family, and how to carry the plan out during a
high stress situation when an intruder invades your home and
If you have any questions about your firearms, or any
firearms in your home, we want you to be comfortable with
them being there, so we will instruct you on how to load,
unload and handle any gun that is present in your home..
After  completing the classroom and your written exam
successfully, we will move to the range. While at the range,
you will be coached on proper handling of your firearms, and
answer any questions you may have before the range goes
HOT. Including proper stance, proper shooting position,
proper breathing techniques, trigger control, and follow
through. Consistancy, and muscle memory is a very
important part of shooting, and it will be taught and covered
throughly.  While on the range, every student will shoot a
minimum of 100 rounds. These can be shot from a revolver,
or semi-auto handgun. if you don't have your own gun, we
have a good selection of different high quality handguns to
shoot, and try  to make sure that what you buy, is a gun that
you will feel comfortable shooting, and a gun that is properly
sized for your ability. We also have several different calibers
for our students to select from, again so you can find a gun
that fits your hand, and a gun that you can depend on to save
your life.