About Don
Don has been an NRA Certified Instructor 1990..

Don shot competition with a .45, but his passion has always been teaching . He
has enjoyed seeing people learn to handle a firearm, as well as shoot with a
good understanding of safety. He enjoys seeing new students learn how to
handle a firearm safely and become efficient with the firearm. He has taught
children from the age of 7 to 89.
Don has been shooting since the age of five, and maintained an FFL for almost
20 years.

Don's current certifications and appointments:

C.A.R.       Center Axis Relock Certified Instructor
     Certified under Sabre Tactical (Paul Castle's Master Instructor)

Glock  Certified Glock
Advanced Armorer

NRA  Appointed Training Counselor
     Basic Pistol Instructor
     Home Firearm Safety Instructor
     Personal  Protection in the Home Instructor.
     Personal  Protection Outside the Home Instructor
     Chief Range Safety Officer
     Rifle Instructor

     LIfe Member of the NRA
     NRA Volunteer for the Eddie Eagle PROGRAM
     NRA Recruiter